Very Important Relationships, Inc. Announces the Launch of for the General Public

Reno, NV — August 26, 2018 Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), one of the nation’s premier developers of B2B2C merchant funded Internet CashBack Rewards Shopping Mall technology, today announced the launch of, which is open to the general public. is based on the design of Akamai Kane to fulfill on his promises made in Chapter 14 of Dan Langston’s new book Memoirs of a Billionaire Cab Driver ( is a CashBack Rewards Shopping Mall; but it is also much more than that. Everyone is familiar with the benefits of shopping in a CashBack Shopping Mall like Ebates or Fatwallet as you get to shop with your favorite Internet stores just as you normally do while you earn CashBack on everything you buy. Then if you then use your favorite CashBack credit card while you shop, you can also earn double CashBack on everything!

“ carries this concept of CashBack Shopping Malls to the next generation,” says Langston, “because instead of paying all of the money available to the shopper as CashBack, it takes half of it and pays it out to the friend who referred the shopping member; the friend that referred them; and so on for 7 full generations above the shopping member.” is not multi-level marketing because there is no business opportunity associated with it; it is absolutely free to join, and absolutely free to give away to your friends to use as well. This means nobody is selling anything to anyone; they are just sharing the benefits offered in the mall with their friends (and those benefits are significant as you will see below). This is really no different than the way one might invite a friend to join Facebook. has over 3,000+ of the best known brand name stores on the Internet. Additionally, as these 3,000+ stores regularly compete against one another through the offer of "Hot Deal” sales promotions and “Promo Codes”; aggregates these special offers in a very easy to use section in the mall which features over 4,000 special offers available daily. And the best part is that all of these special offers pay CashBack to the shopping member; which makes this a better deal than the standard “special offers and coupon” deal sites available. also integrates all of the major “savings sites” on the Internet inside one URL, so a member only has to go one place to access major savings sites like Groupon,, Amazon, Red Plum, Smart Source, etc. This means a member can easily access all of these sites without ever leaving the mall. also offers a power Internet browser extension that alerts members when major search engines like Google Yahoo or Bing return mall stores in their search results that offer members CashBack. It also alerts member when they visit a mall store directly that offers CashBack without first going through the mall. You can learn more about this by watching the short video at CashBack Button.

Another valuable feature on is a very sophisticated product search and price comparison engine that lets a shopper search over 100 million products in the inventory of’s 3,000+ merchants to see which stores offer the product they want at the best price. For example, below is an image that shows the exact same product for sale at twelve different stores in the mall with prices ranging from $2,299 to $3,999. This is a price swing of $1500 on the exact same product!

The way it works is whenever someone makes a purchase; they only earn about half as much as they could have on a similar CashBack Shopping mall site. The reason why is the other half is paid into a genealogy pool that is shared with the direct-line 7 generational descendant members that joined above them. Think of this like your own family tree; there is a direct linage between you and your parents, grand parent, great grandparents above them, etc. The payout of this other half of the money is paid as shown below:

  • 5% to Level 1 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 2 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 3 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 4 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 5 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 6 descendant above (the referring friend)
  • 5% to Level 7 descendant above (the referring friend)

The exciting part of this payout formula is that it has been designed to drive the majority of the money available to the lower levels of a member’s genealogy. This is because this is where that member has the largest population of members below them from which to earn money.

The beauty of this concept is since there is no reason for any one not to share the benefits of with their friends; there is no reason for this geometric progression not to continue growing. Just think about what one would be earning today if Facebook actually paid its members who had referred their friends to Facebook a part of what it earned on those descendant members’ activity for 7 full generations under them. It is staggering to calculate the actual number of people the average Facebook member has in 7 generational levels below them that spawned by just inviting (on average) 50 friends.

“Mr. Kane realized,” says Langston, “just how much more money a person would receive if they only got half of the CashBack available, if the other half was paid out to the members responsible for sharing the mall with their friends. Since that sharing is going to occur any way through the natural viral sharing process, his goal was to give people an opportunity to substantially improve their financial future. As Mr. Kane’s explains in Memoirs of a Billionaire Cab Driver, true wealth is built by always getting the highest and best use of every dollar that comes into your position, and that is exactly what was designed to do.”

Jody Tallal
Very Important Relationships, Inc.
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