VIR’s Custom Platforms Translate To Improved Web Interactions

  • Utilizes VIR Ground Breaking Technologies
  • Integrates VIR’s “Value Added” Programs
  • Enhances Your Value Proposition
  • Improves Site Stickiness
  • Viral Growth Potential

Custom Platforms

VIR creates custom developed platforms for its corporate clients that wish to utilize VIR’s ground breaking MIST and/or viral technologies to enhance its existing business model. Each custom platform is designed and programmed to meet VIR client’s specific needs.

All custom platforms can be designed to integrate client’s existing services with any of VIR’s technologies, such as its CashBack Malls, Discount benefit programs, etc. The goal of a custom platform is to help a company enhance its business models and value propositions. Custom platforms can be developed with the same look and feel as the client’s primary website and can even be designed to become extensions of those sites if so desired.

Each company can select whichever of the VIR models and specific functionalities best promote their business model. As a technology company, VIR can also custom develop any additional functionality a client desires to best serve its needs.

VIR custom platform can be specifically designed to function for a myriad of applications, such as; customer loyalty rewards programs; employee benefits, product delivery systems, viral marketing platforms, “value added” benefits programs; etc. Platforms can either be set up on standalone systems or integrated to run within a company’s main website.

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