Very Important Relationships, Inc. Announces Version 4 of its Merchant Funded CashBack Mall Customer Loyalty Platform

Reno, NV — August 22, 2018 Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR),, one of the nation’s premier developers of merchant funded Internet CashBack Rewards Shopping Mall technology, today announced the premier of its Version 4 (“v4”) in its CashBack Rewards Mall platform. This array of new services provides VIR’s corporate clients the ability to have their own CashBack Rewards Malls that rival the best malls in the industry.

Unlike Ebates, Fatwallet and Shop at Home, which are B2C CashBack Mall models, VIR specializes in developing a competing CashBack mall in a B2B2C version for companies that want to offer the best rewards program available to their customers or members. This means VIR can give any company a state of the art branded CashBack Mall that is equal to or better than any available in a pure B2C world.

“Image not having to spend 8 – 10 years to perfect the technology and strategy of building a successful CashBack Mall platform to offer to your customers or members” says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR, “but instead, be able to have one of the most robust platform in the industry, fully customized within a few weeks of development time for pennies of the dollar of normal mall development costs. That is what VIR’s new v4 CashBack mall platform offers to VIR’s clients. An example of VIR’s new v4 mall can be seen at

VIR has spent several years developing over 3,000+ merchant affiliate merchant relationships which include the biggest brand name stores on the Internet. This means each of their corporate sponsor’s malls can now instantly offer the biggest named brand stores to their members.

Additionally, as all of these 3,000+ stores regularly compete against one another through the offer of their lost leader ‘Hot Deal” promotions as well as “Promo Codes” all over the Internet. VIR aggregates these special offers in a very easy to find section which features over 4,000 special offers available daily in the mall. Plus, all of these offers pay CashBack to the shopping member, which makes this a better deal than the standard “special offers and coupon” sites available.

VIR’s platform also integrates all of the major “savings sites” on the Internet inside one URL, so a member only has to go one place to access major savings sites like Groupon,, Amazon, Red Plum, Smart Source, etc. This means a member can easily access all of these sites through VIR’s API integration without ever leaving a client’s custom branded mall.

VIR’s new v4 technology also offers a power Internet browser extension that alerts members when major search engines like Google Yahoo or Bing return mall stores in their search results that offer VIR client’s members CashBack (please see image below), or when a member visits a mall store directly that offers CashBack without first going through the mall.

Another valuable feature in all VIR CashBack malls is a very sophisticated product search and price comparison engine that lets a shopper search over 100 million products in the inventory of VIR’s mall merchants to see which stores offer the product they want and at what price. Below is an image that shows the exact same product for sale at twelve different stores in the mall with prices ranging between $3,999 to $2,299. This is a price swing of $1500 on the exact same product!

“The bottom line is VIR new v4 corporate CashBack Rewards mall offers one of the best places on the Internet for a member to be able to shop and save money.” says Tallal. “This type of platform can be used by any company that wants to enhance its brand image and provide true “value added” services to their customers or members. And what is most exciting is that our new v4 technology allows VIR’s to create the most sophisticated custom applications, which can meet the most demanding client’s needs. This new system’s architecture allows for a rapid development cycle and full deployment of a customized and fully integrated platform within a few days to a few weeks, instead of several months to a year.”

Jody Tallal
Very Important Relationships, Inc.
(972) 726-9596, Ext 229